Cool Roof Paint

Heat Reflective Paint And Cool Roof Paint

Vinayak Summer Seal is an pure acrylic based 200% Elastic and High SRI – 112, solar heat reflective paint utilizing the latest in Nano crystals technology added with waterproofing advanced feature that make roof leakage controlled, with expertise manufacturing process to provide an excellent coating for perfect heat insulation purposes for the Home and industrial usage. In result end user get relief from scorching summer heat. Its capability to reduce roof temperature and correspondingly reduces room temperature. In the case of air-conditioned spaces, the power consumption is also reduced drastically up to 40%,due to the lowered temperature across the slab which results in lower air condition usage. Summer Sealreduces the roof temperature up to 20oC depending on the material of the roof, with waterproofing membrane system it also enables to prevent roof from leakage problems.

Vinayak Summer Seal is a ready to use Heat Reflective Paint and Cool roof paint it is primarily used for exterior roof or vertical surfaces, facades. Vinayak Summer Seal reflects sunlight’smajor part and prevents the roofing materials from getting heated up, even in peak summer afternoons. Vinayak Summer Seal Reflects 85% of UV rays and 90% of Infrared rays back to space.

Roof Top temperature recorded by us on un-coated and coated roof.

Temperature recorder under the uncoated and coated roof with Summer Seal

We Work for Your Profit

We continuously work to attain Maximum solar heat reflection, with minimizing the material cost, which in return increase the coating output and saves your electricity load and your building from aging.

How much saving is attained?

At an independent test conducted by expert team at Power grid corporation and they find out a great saving of 64%.

How Much Temperature is reduced??

The chart shows the temperature observed during peak summers “inside the rooms”

Roof Type Room Temperature Desired Temperature A.C. Energy Consumption in KWh. % Energy Saving w.r.t. concrete roof
Concrete 40.2 40.2 24 7.3
Summer Seal 29.9 24 2.6 64%

How Much Temperature is reduced??

The chart shows the temperature observed during peak summers “inside the rooms”


Maximum Temperature

Temp. reduction w.r.t Atmosphere







Day 1






Day 2






Day 3






Day 4






Day 5






Pay Back time

The more heat reflective the more saving; the payback time as estimated is 1 – 2.5 year depending upon the cost paid for cooling and humidification.


Ultraviolet Resistant– our UV rejection techonology starts working from the very first ray of sun and reflects the major part of UV which result in lowering yellowing of coating and reducing roof top temperature which in result keep the covered area cooler and comfortable.

Reduced Energy Costs – due to UV rejection coating remains white and reflects the sun’s heat, and reduces the roof temperature which in result saves approx. 40% of the cost in the area of humidification and air conditioning.

Water born Technology – Contains no solvents, water or rain cleanable. No harmful/ toxic substance included.

Low Cost Application & Zero Maintenance –These are the few advantages which are attained at an affordable cost. No recurring maintenance cost. Roof gets cleaned automatically in rain.

Color Stable – The pure acrylic resins crosslink under UV exposure to lock in color and lock out dirt.

  • Summer Seal blocks 95% of solar infrared rays and 85% of Ultraviolet rays, keeping your roof cool, even in peak summer.
  • Eliminates the necessity for false ceiling.
  • Up to 20º C reduction of roof heat in peak summer.
  • High intensity sunlight ,the higher reflection will be
  • Can be coated on any roofing material / side walls.
  • Prevents Island effect.
  • Reflecting UV and IR rays back to the atmosphere
  • Helps in reducing green house effect
  • Water proof and fungus resistant
  • Reduces global warming.
  • keeping building brighter and new with all these advantages.

Reduced Energy Cost: Coating remains white to effectively reflect the sun’s heat, unlike dark-colored roofs that retain heat and are subject to ultraviolet degradation. Summer Seal Complies with ENERGY STAR® & Cool Roof Rating Council Guidelines. Certified by IGBC


We at Vinayak Corporation focus on quality product, we deliver the product only after ensuring the 100% quality satisfaction. The members of quality check team Vinayak Corporation are highly professional.. that is why we are able to retain 80% of our customers.

Focus on Quality100%
Timely Delivery95%
Customer Satisfaction98%
Customers Retain with Vinayak Corporation80%
Service Satisfaction With Dealer/Retailer82%

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