About Our Company

Vinayak Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and India’s #1 manufacturers of PU based Summer Seal heat reflective Paint and Cool Roof Paint based on polyurethane technology. PU technology enables us for the best results and enhanced life of heat reflective Paint and Cool Roof Paint with the advance feature like non-yellowing, lower effect of UV which reduces aging of paint, which is not possible with any other acrylic based heat reflective Paint and Cool Roof Paint. Our all product are majorly made by German based raw materials using high-tech machines and technology so that we can deliver the best products to the end customers.

Working in specialised field’s from more than 10 years and serving major corporate of India.

We keep working for gathering the live data and customer feedbacks for continuous working for the high end product which resolves the major issues and here we are with the India’s #1 Heat Reflective paint and cool roof paint with PU technology.

Our focus is on providing cost effective products in repair & maintenance to prevent aging of old and new infrastructure. We aim for providing best results for which we are always working tirelessly in the industry of Paint and coatings for providing best results always. Summer Seal cool roof paint, Cool Roof, Cool Roof Coating, Cool Paint, Cool Coating, Summer Cool Coating, Summer Cool Paint, heat reflective paint comes with 3 years warranty. Our Group is backed by various professional for testing of our specialty coating, paints and waterproofing solutions before they have been applied on site.

  1. Jan, 2011
    Foundation of the Company

    We have started our operations in 2006 in segment of energy saving technologies and providing services to various industries and worked till 2011 in the same segment.

    While entering 2011 we added one more product which is useful to Industries as well as domestic users which is Heat Reflective Paint and Cool Roof Paint a technology from Australia.

  2. Feb, 2012
    Commencing Year 2012

    Till August 2012 we are in field with small manufacturing unit with the facility of 10,000 Liter per month for only Heat Reflective Paint and Cool Roof Paint under the brand name of Vinayak Summer Seal, and also having complete facility of providing application services to corporate and domestic users.

  3. Jan, 2013
    Easy Going 2013 with waterproofing

    The same product range roof coating, paint and energy services we are here with Waterproofing products based on latest technology and higher results.

  4. Jan, 2014
    Corporate Products added for Saving Energy

    This year we have commenced with the same product range and added new product for Corporate or industrial customers for saving energy for which you can read here…

  5. Jan, 2015
    Introduced Anti Insect Paint

    Along with serving corporate our team is looking into a new dimension to help home users for fighting with domestic insects and related problems and in the month of January this year we are in market with a new technology in paints “A paint with insect repelling properties” which eliminates almost all kind of insects, cobwebs and bacteria’s making your home a beautiful place to live without any repellent refills and cleaning.

  6. Jan, 2016
    Large Facility Installed.

    Finally this year we have a large facility of 10,000 sq.ft. with the latest machines with higher capacity of 80,000 liter per month for manufacturing Heat Reflective Paint and Cool Roof Paint, and all other products,  not only this we have added a new dimension for a range of Water Based PU coating and waterproofing products.

  7. Jan, 2017
    Thanks to our Valuable Customers

    We heartily thank all of customers for supporting us. As we are known for quality we promise to keep it maintained and we always seek your support and feedback.

We Work for Your Profit

We continuously work to attain Maximum solar heat reflection, with minimizing the material cost, which in return increase the coating output and saves your electricity load and your building from aging.

How much saving is attained?

At an independent test conducted by expert team at Power grid corporation and they find out a great saving of 64%.

How Much Temperature is reduced??

The chart shows the temperature observed during peak summers “inside the rooms”

Roof Type Room Temperature Desired Temperature A.C. Energy Consumption in KWh. % Energy Saving w.r.t. concrete roof
Concrete 40.2 40.2 24 7.3
Summer Seal 29.9 24 2.6 64%

How Much Temperature is reduced??

The chart shows the temperature observed during peak summers “inside the rooms”


Maximum Temperature

Temp. reduction w.r.t Atmosphere







Day 1






Day 2






Day 3






Day 4






Day 5






Pay Back time

The more heat reflective the more saving; the payback time as estimated is 1 – 2.5 year depending upon the cost paid for cooling and humidification.

Our Vision

Mirum est notare quam littera gothica, quam nunc putamus parum claram, anteposuerit litterarum formas humanitatis per seacula quarta decima et quinta decima.

Our Customers Say

We have applied Summer Seal Heat Reflective Paint in March 2015, and as committed we have awesome results and we are happy that our Air Conditioner power consumption reduced to almost 50%. Thanks Vinayak Team

Neeraj Joshi - Gurgaon
House Owner

We have applied Summer Seal onto Compressed Air plant GI shed and Cooling tower pipeline delivered fabulous results as per our expectation. The Observations: Temp. Difference of 7 -8 deg. In ambient of 44 deg. C. Because of this application we had following benefits: 1. Operator comfort due to shed coating. 2. Compressor efficiency improved (Peak summer tripping problem eliminated) 3. Cooling tower efficiency increased by pipe coating. We highly recommend this product for our future Industrial applications.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited - Gurgaon Plant
A. Kumar - Asst. Manager

The temperature reduction and energy saving potential with the application of Summer Seal is remarkable. The room temperature was reduced by 12°C corresponding to peak atmospheric temperature. Further, the average room temperature was reduced above 5°C after Summer Seal roof coating. These features generated a maximum energy saving potential of 65% as compared to concrete roof. The room temperature was found to be stable throughout the day, this can offer better occupants health condition and constant load to the air conditioner.

Power Grid Corporation of India – Gurgaon
Lead Manager

Before applying summer seal roof coating we are keep running our AC but not happy, but now we use our air conditioner very less and fan gives comfortable air. We are happy with the product and thankful to Vinayak Corporation for providing such a great heat reflective paint for roof.

Mrs. Radha Agarwal – Gurgaon
“House Wife”

Our Valuable Clients